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Color Segregation

In the context of fabric rolls each different roll may have slight or major variations when considering the required/desired color against the standard (Roll to roll variations). It’s also possible that each roll may have variations within the roll (Within the roll color shading).

We offer services to check and identify roll to roll and within the roll color shadings. Roll to roll cuttings are checked to identify and segregate the variations in different rolls. Within the roll color shadings are identified through checking blankets.

Acceptable levels are identified and best ways to use the acceptable (but not the perfect or desired) fabric are suggested. ex- Narrow Marker, Close Marker etc… The replacement quantity of the rejected fabric is calculated.

  • Roll to roll color checking

  • Within the roll color checking

  • Replacement calculation

  • Embellishment Work

    An embellishment is something that adds a design value to the garment.

  • Garment repairing

    Garments may have various defects due to various reasons like stains

  • Fabric layering

    We provide manpower for manual fabric layering.

  • Garment packing

    We provide personnel for garment packing services according to your packing instructions.

  • Fusing and Heat sealing

    We provide machine operators for heat sealing and fusing.

  • Bowing and Skewness

    In the process of cutting in garment industry Bowing and Skewness are major issues

  • Consulting the buying office

    We offer negotiation services for consulting and discussing with the buying office

  • Cut Panel Inspection

    We supply people for Cut Panel Inspection.

  • Color Segregation

    Fabric rolls may have roll to roll or within the roll color variations.

  • Collar Inspection

    Collar is a critical component in most of the garments. Collars should be in perfect quality...

  • Embroidery

    We provide operators for embroidery machines.

  • Fabric Inspection

    Fabric inspection is done according to 4 point and 1:9 international systems.