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Fabric layering

We provide manpower for manual fabric layering. We also provide services for matching stripes of the fabric when layering and cutting edges.

  • Edge cutting

  • Stripe Matching

  • Embellishment Work

    An embellishment is something that adds a design value to the garment.

  • Garment repairing

    Garments may have various defects due to various reasons like stains

  • Fabric layering

    We provide manpower for manual fabric layering.

  • Garment packing

    We provide personnel for garment packing services according to your packing instructions.

  • Fusing and Heat sealing

    We provide machine operators for heat sealing and fusing.

  • Bowing and Skewness

    In the process of cutting in garment industry Bowing and Skewness are major issues

  • Consulting the buying office

    We offer negotiation services for consulting and discussing with the buying office

  • Cut Panel Inspection

    We supply people for Cut Panel Inspection.

  • Color Segregation

    Fabric rolls may have roll to roll or within the roll color variations.

  • Collar Inspection

    Collar is a critical component in most of the garments. Collars should be in perfect quality...

  • Embroidery

    We provide operators for embroidery machines.

  • Fabric Inspection

    Fabric inspection is done according to 4 point and 1:9 international systems.