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About Us

Suboda Manpower and Textile Consultancy services is an organization which has been operating since 2003. We have over 12 years of experiences on identifying and providing effective solutions for fabric faults such as Knitting faults,Dying faults, Finishing faults, Printing faults etc... The organization was started from 2 people and now we have over 100 employees.

We have ability to provide manpower and other consultancy services within 24 hrs on request island wide. Our prices are reasonable. We can prove our prices if required.

services overview

Fusing and Heat sealing

We provide machine operators for heat sealing and fusing.

Bowing and Skewness

In the process of cutting in garment industry Bowing and Skewness are major issues

Consulting the buying office

We offer negotiation services for consulting and discussing with the buying office

Cut Panel Inspection

We supply people for Cut Panel Inspection.